Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Respectful

I love people who request something with lots of colors!  This sign was designed for a brand new home that the owner wants to keep in tip-top shape.

The owner of this sign wanted it known to visitors that she really loves having you there, but to please respect her investment by removing your dirty shoes.  I think with the bright colors and teaming the "Remove your Shoes" portion with a "Welcome" sign is sending a polite message without sounding anal. 

Congrats on the new house!

Monday, October 11, 2010

FALLing in love

I love when inspiration hits and you weren't even planning on it!  It started with a Krafty Block and a small stand.
It moved onto a fall pick from the craft store that I cut apart and added my own burnt fall orange ribbon to.
And finally, glass pumpkins and stones to fill the block up.
Ta-Dah!  My own fall creation!  It lets off a gentle glow through the glass stones.  If I can figure out a safe way to mail this without breaking the light bulb or the flowers and berries falling off, I'll definitely do this as a giveaway soon.  Christmas is coming quickly and I'd love to see this done in soft, elegant holiday colors.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Details

Pink = Girl!

Adorable, Angelic, Abby!  Such a sweet name with such sweet flower details.  Abby has two big brothers anxiously awaiting her arrival, I hope they're ready to learn how to treat a lady because a lot of pink is about to flood their domain!

Details: 18" x 4" board painted Hydrangea Pink, pale green polka dot grosgrain, sheer white with pink daisy details, ruffle white and lime sheer ribbons.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ho Solo Degli Occhi Per Lei

"I only have eyes for you"

This particular mask had a lot of tedious work done to it.  Each peacock feather was trimmed to specific height for the "prom hair" it was accompanying for the evening.  The stick was trimmed to perfect holding comfort for the short 5, 2" frame it was hugging and the glitter spray was meticulously sprayed as to avoid "falling" shine onto the satin prom dress.  Each white and blue rhinestone were hand glued on and it was purposely done that the blue rhinestone nestled in the corner of each eye to bring out the blue in the prom divas eyes.  And finally, the stick this mask is stuck to, was wrapped in satin ribbon that was dyed to be a perfect match to the prom dress.  A lot of work, but totally worth it when the mother called me to tell me, "these kick a$$!".  All in a days work!


Details: Eye only mask, male/female one size fits all, metallic sterling silver color, manufactured peacock feathers, metallic braided silver trim, 1mm blue/white acrylic gemstones.

Misterioso Fissa

"Mysterious Eyes"

Apparently the word got out that I'm a craft dork.  I was asked to make two masks this year for the highschool prom that had a theme of "Masquerade". 

Details: Full party mask (male/female size small), metallic gun metal color, black rhinestone accents, black braided lace trim. 


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Story...

Yes, an endearing quote from, "The Princess Bride".  This was a custom piece someone wanted done as a gift/anniversary present to their hubby for Valentine's Day.  I have a feeling this is going to have some tears shed when it is opened next week after the story that was told to me and the meaning behind it.  I'm so happy they will now always relive their memories each time they pass by it in their home.


Details: 12" x 12" slate tile. 

Monday, February 1, 2010


Thank you to everyone who entered!!  Using a random number generator and counting two entries for Liz (thanks Liz for posting about this giveaway!) we get to Congratulate our Valentine's Day giveaway winner....


Way to win Hillary!  Email me at with your address information and it will be shipped to you just in time for Valentine's Day!

**I have lots more in store coming up so check back often for more giveaways!**